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Adapting your organization’s data to the Cloud.

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Cloud is the driving force behind the digital metamorphosis movement. But, employing the cloud for your organization’s purposes can be daunting. We strategize how to combine our software accelerators, assiduity know-how, and robust cloud engineering to create a solution for your organization. Whether it’s for new digital profit aqueducts, smarter ways of working, on-demand software operations, data and structure services, or delivering superlative client engagement—AIM empowers your cloud solutions development.

Cloud Business Priorities


Accelerate Business Transformation

We streamline operations and manage threats to drive your profit, business invention, growth and resilience. Through enterprise position, and pall-grounded business results, we solve business issues.


Move Beyond

We develop strategies that maximize your cloud opportunities rather than simply initiate a cloud or data center migration IT transformation. We rethink how you address talent, culture, architecture, and governance to successfully operate in the cloud.


Power Digital

We reimagine customer experiences by enhancing cloud and digital innovation. This allows us to leverage our engineering products and services to differentiate your business.

Cloud Transformation

Accelerate business outcomes across the enterprise with our architecture cloud solutions.

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Strategy and Transformation

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Modernization and Migration

Cloud Storage

Cloud-Powered Innovation

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Cloud-Managed Services

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Industry Cloud

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Developing and modernizing your software through Agile methodologies.

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Application Development

We produce software-based products and services that better enable your organization. Our solutions increase time-to-market speed by automating end-to-end delivery across cloud platforms. Through continuous collaboration and integration, we develop fast, reliable software.



Based on your desired outcomes, we develop a DevOps strategy that is complete with identifiable metrics.

Pilot Concept

Pilot Concept

We integrate your existing elements with our flora of licensed, open-source tools.

CI/CD Pipeline

CI/CD Pipeline

Through a synergized DevOps process, we continually develop, integrate, test, and deploy the software.



We analyze, design, build, and automate your software for thorough implementation.

Agile and DevOps

We use DevOps and Agile in tandem to streamline development processes within our teams and ensure a full transparency for our customers. DevOps fosters fully automated continuous integration and deployment enabling frequent releases while Agile provides the ability to rapidly adapt to the changing requirements and better collaborate with our customers. The merging of these two methodologies allows us to be more flexible and agile ensuring high-quality, timely deliverables.


Higher Customer Satisfaction

Faster Time to Market

Reduced Risk

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