Train to FIGHT and 

DEFEND Cyber Threats


  • Cyber Security Fundamentals I

    • Cyber Foundations

      • Network Foundations​

      • Windows Foundations 

      • Linux Foundations

      • Coding Foundations

  • Cyber Security Fundamentals II

    • Security Fundamentals 

      • Cyber Defense ​

      • Cyber Offense

    • Cyber Automation Coding

      • PowerShell Scripting​

      • BASH Scripting

      • Python Scripting

  •  CompTIA Certifications

    • Linux+

    • Security+

  • Cyber Foundation Tools 

    • Wireshark​

    • File Transferring

    • Metasploit

  • Digital Forensics and Incident Response 

    • Compromise Identification 

    • Data Collection 

    • Countermeasures

  • OS Exploitation   

    • Targeting ​

    • Collecting Data

    • Access

  •  EC Council Certifications

    • Computer Hacking and Forensic Investigator

    • Certified Ethical Hacker

  • Tactical Offensive Methodologies 

    • Packet Capture and Analysis ​

    • Gaining Access

    • Penetration testing 

  • SOC Analyst 

    • IDS/IPS​

    • Anti-virus and Anti-malware

    • Malware analysis and forensics

    • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)  

  •  EC Council Certifications

    • Security Analyst​

Earn our professional certifications and have the skills and confidence to tackle the industries toughest challenges. Our course offerings will prepare you to pass highly sought after certifications from CompTIA and EC-Council! 


Do you want to further your professional development?

Soter Cyber offers a wide range of courses.


Soter Cyber believes in helping our students put the cyber security skills they acquired to use in the field. Our student network is available for job seekers to display their qualifications and explore opportunities posted by our hiring partners.


Soter Cyber hiring partners benefit from working together with a growing cyber security training organization. Our employer network is available for partners to post job openings and find cyber talent. 

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