AIM Innovations is capable of supporting schools and universities across the nation to create advanced, secure, and efficient IT environments. We work within budget to help maximize your technology investment, which yields success in your students and staff.  If you are interested in enhancing your educational technology solutions, let us optimize your environment today. We offer comprehensive IT assessments that provide your institution ways to maximize its technology investment, improve the technologies that drive it, and enhance the overall technology experience.


We know that it takes time to get your IT projects finalized! We can assist with various projects and migrations, as well as provide network and security monitoring to alleviate some of the burden on your internal IT teams. We've got you covered when it comes to data breaches and privacy. In today's world, students/educators are vulnerable to spam, phishing, etc. Unlike other educational technology consulting firms, we aim to alleviate these vulnerabilities and secures your educational IT environment.


We can give you the same advantages of an internal Chief Information Officer without the high costs or risks. It can be cost-prohibitive to hire a full-time, in-house CIO when you could have the same service from your MSP (Managed IT services Provider). The team at AIM Innovations has the experience and diverse background to offer the leadership you need in a vCIO position. Below are some advantages of Virtual CIO Services. 

  • Predictable Budgeting: Have you ever run into surprise IT expenses or had a project end up costing more than predicted? With TMGC as your vCIO, you can rely on predictable budgeting and no surprise expenses cropping up. 

  • Increased Uptime: It is nearly impossible to avoid all downtime in your IT services, but consistent and dependable uptime is an achievable goal with the right help. We will work with you to plot the best backup strategies and support services to ensure your operations continue to function at their best. 

  • Technology Aligned With Your Goals: Hardware that works well should be the standard performance that service providers can deliver. Equipment chosen and assembled especially for your unique operations takes those IT services to another level. 

  • Vendor Management: To run any business in today’s world of technology, you need to manage relationships with multiple vendors and remain compliant with a wide range of regulations and industry standards. Our vCIO services will be there to maintain your compliance and manage your vendor partnerships on your behalf.


With all of the different IT services available today, you might be wondering why you should consider IT consulting services. In the modern world, almost every business process involves using technology in some way. On top of that, the software and technical equipment you use are always getting new upgrades. There are always going to be upgrades or new versions of the old standards. Without a technology roadmap, it can be difficult to navigate the future of your business’s IT. IT consulting provides this roadmap.


When you team with AIM Innovations and take advantage of our managed services, we provide IT strategic planning and aid in budgeting your tech expenses. We ensure your organization keeps up with the times and stays on the cutting edge of the technology available, but that’s not all.

We are not just here to make sure you stay modern; we believe technology should be a tool you can use as leverage to bring your business goals within reach. We want to be a contributing member in the success of your organization.Part of our mission is to forge long-term relationships with our clients. We establish trust by delivering services and products that are in the best interest of your business. Our team provides any of the professional services you would expect from an internal IT department at a fraction of the cost. We keep your operations running smoothly and we resolve any IT issues, but more than that, we keep you on track for reaching your objectives.