AIM Innovations consults with customers on a broad range of financial and business challenges. We provide transparency of project performance to program and executive management using a variety of data analysis and reporting strategies, including program controls, earned value management (EVM), scheduling, risk, and cost estimating services. We devise Program Quality Measurements to establish the criteria used to assess the quality of products delivered into the program environment. We also devise a scale to evaluate quality, with the product’s quality score derived by the earned value given to each metric based upon its performance. AIM Innovations provides program transparency for each customer by maintaining a dashboard, including project accomplishments, project risks, issues identified and proposed solutions, EVM, and progress against road maps with milestone/deliverable dates.

AIM Innovations helps you develop and implement a human capital strategy that supports your agency’s mission, goals, and objectives, and that aligns with your agency human capital policies, programs, practices, and financial resources.  This results in a Strategic Human Capital Plan that is integrated with your agency’s strategic plan and budget, while also providing the roadmap for transforming your agency to a highly effective, performance-based organization.

Implementing the Strategic Human Capital Plan is critical to your agency’s transformation.  Consequently, we help you articulate a clear strategic direction; design and implement a change management plan that defines activities and roles to manage and control change during the plan’s implementation; and develop a project management plan that is used to execute, monitor, and control the Strategic Human Capital Plan.

  • People Analytics

  • Employee Engagement, and Retention

  • Compensation and Benefits

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Labor Law Compliance


Administrative services are the backbone of your organization. Which is why one of the most fundamental and core services offered by AIM Innovations is administrative and personnel support.

Benefit from our key strengths in the areas of basic clerical services, budget analysis and human resources administration to get highly qualified staff members who can positively transform your overall operations and performance. This is the detail-oriented back-office administrative support your organization needs to ensure accurate and complete project and process support.

  • Cleared Administrative Staff

  • Executive Level Support

  • Administrative Assistants

  • Data Entry Clerks

  • Graphic Design Support


Project success is dependent on retaining seasoned professional, leveraging industry best practices and lessons learned, and committing to project goals.  Our project services are mature, standardized, repeatable, and fully customizable for each of our customer’s needs. We ensure continual improvement through our certified quality management program.

Delivering and implementing a new system—department-wide or agency-wide—takes an intense amount of time, organization, and skill. Our experienced Project Management Institute (PMI)-certified Project Management Professionals (PMP), functional experts, and technical experts personally guide each system through all phases of development and into successful implementation. AIM Innovations also provides Federal systems functional and technical SMEs, with staff serving clients’ on-site locations and teleworkers, as well as remotely assigned to other bases and locations throughout the Continental United States (CONUS).

  • Program and Project Management

  • Earned Value Management

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Systems Development Lifecycle

  • Agile Development

  • Technology Evaluation and Assessment

  • Quality Management

  • Procurement & Acquisition Support

  • Technical Writing and Editing