IT organizations are tackling large, complex efforts that combine the delivery of software elements, new and changed business models, and overall changes to organizational structure and capabilities. Inherent in every AIM Innovations solution is the ability to enhance business agility, improve continuity, evidence your corporate responsibility, and address the demands of corporate governance. Our professionalism and dedication to our clients' needs and goals means that when you opt for AIM Innovations, you can expect tangible results that are on target and on time. 

Program Management 

AIM Innovations works with organizations on a wide range of IT projects of all sizes, including data center, virtualization, cloud computing, storage, network optimization, unified communications, security, and more. Our Project Management methodology helps our customers maximize the value from their IT initiatives through a repeatable process that helps ensure consistency while enabling enhanced project collaboration.

We utilize a Project Management Lifecycle Services Framework approach, aligning specific roles to activities throughout the course of the engagement. We are involved in every step of the way, from project initiation to planning, design, implementation, and closeout.
AIM Innovations  maintains a clear focus on team leadership, customer advocacy, process and procedures, and commitment to service. Our customers gain many benefits from this approach, including:

  • Quality assurance built into the delivery process

  • Accelerated migrations

  • Reduced risk, cycle time and risk of failure

  • Increased efficiency and productivity

Human Resources

Our systematic approach to human resource management ensures that the solutions, strategies and methodologies we implement improve your organization. Ultimately, your organization will have the optimal alignments of people, processes and culture, all oriented toward improving organizational performance.

Our workforce planning strategically aligns people management with business strategy. Workforce plans should be flexible, ongoing and linked to strategies. AIM Innovations HR integrates strategic planning, program management, organizational analysis, human resources practices and budget requirements into one comprehensive workforce plan aligned with the vision of the organization. At AIM Innovations HR, our work results in a comprehensive strategic plan containing strategies that could include recruitment and retention activities, automation/technology solutions, training and development and performance management activities. AIM Innovations HR’s workforce planning provides managers with a focused and strategic approach to make not only human resource decisions, but to anticipate changes and proactively address workforce issues.

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