As technology changes, more and more businesses are forced to grapple with the need to modernize their legacy applications and systems. AIM Innovations is passionate about the security of our nation and its allies.  Our team is made up of the most talented professionals in the industry, all working to solve complex problems such as enterprise mission support, preventing cyber threats, transforming data into intelligence and combating global terrorism. Our advanced engineering and technology solutions support the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of information across the full spectrum of the Intelligence, Cyber and Counterterrorism communities’ missions.

Train to fight and defend today's cyber threats by leveraging our offensive and defensive cyber operations training for leaders and practitioners. You’ll receive hands-on training and course work with the appropriate content and intensity to fully prepare you for cyber operations. We design the curriculum and activities with your cyber missions in mind to best prepare you to meet your service mission requirements.

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AIM Innovations consults with customers on a broad range of financial and business challenges. We provide transparency of project performance to program and executive management using a variety of data analysis and reporting strategies, including program controls, earned value management (EVM), scheduling, risk, and cost estimating services. We devise Program Quality Measurements to establish the criteria used to assess the quality of products delivered into the program environment. We also devise a scale to evaluate quality, with the product’s quality score derived by the earned value given to each metric based upon its performance. AIM Innovations provides program transparency for each customer by maintaining a dashboard, including project accomplishments, project risks, issues identified and proposed solutions, EVM, and progress against road maps with milestone/deliverable dates.

The Proactive Approach to IT Services for Small Business

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