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Program Support

Bolster your organization with optimal human resources and program management support.

Human Resources

Building business value through human capital does not end with recruitment. Effective human capital requires the on-going management of people and productivity.

Optimize your organization’s human capital with our solutions for recruiting, supporting, and engaging your employees. Boost professional development and performance as a result.

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Wage and Salary Administration

We compare base pay data for jobs within your organization versus market data. This allows us to determine your organization’s internal job hierarchy, which accounts for the responsibility, skill, financial impact, and complexity of your employee composition.

We then produce pay grades for each job, based on your organization’s compensation philosophy and competitive market data. Moreover, we provide you with a written salary administration plan for on-going program maintenance.

Employee Engagement

Based on the current engagement level of employees, we make recommendations for retaining or increasing your organization’s workforce engagement level.

Organizational Design

We optimize your organizational structure by designing it with the help of management input. To designate every role towards your bottom line, we define each title, job description, and reporting relationship.

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Training and Development

Train and develop your team with our customized program. We design each program to reflect the organization’s culture and goals. Moreover, we’ll craft solutions that are specific to each level of the organization. We offer the following program outlines with, which can be adjusted according to your needs:

HR Compliance

  • Core Supervisory Skills: What laws do supervisors and managers need to know?
  • The Basics of Recruitment, Selection, and Interviewing
  • New Employee Orientation – Getting New Employees Started in Alignment with the Organization’s Culture
  • Diversity, Anti-Harassment, and Discrimination in Workplace Employee Relations

Employee Relations

  • Business Communication Skills for Employees
  • Time Management Skills for Employees
  • Self-Motivation Skills for Employees
  • Management Tools: Teamwork, Delegation, and Meetings
  • How to be a Leader and Participate in Meetings
  • The Development of Successful Teams
  • Managing Change: Manager or Leader?
  • Managing Change Through Others’ Performance Management

Performance Management

  • Performance Expectations and the Evaluation Process
  • The Art of Coaching for Results
  • Coaching or Discipline: You Decide
  • Delegating for Results

Program Management

We support organizations with industry-leading, mature, and repeatable practices for program management services. We leverage project management standards from PMBOK, PMI, and ISO while maintaining alignment with your organizations mission to enable our customers to fund, prioritize, optimize resource capacity, and manage interdependencies and conflicts for programs/projects. Using our proven practices, we help our customers gather and track project performance data and program metrics while ensuring projects remain on time and on budget.

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Systems Development Lifecycle
  • Agile Development
  • Technology Evaluation and Assessment
  • Quality Management
  • Procurement & Acquisition
  • Support
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